Cases, deaths, and recovered by the Covid-as many as 19 in the United States


The united States is still suffering from a pandemic of the coronavirus, which shakes the world; in spite of the efforts of the government led by Donald Trump to try and stop the number of contagions, during the last months of the american nation did not add up to the patients and the total number is about to reach 3.5 million of the infected people.

At the end of Tuesday, the 14th of July, in the news, are still of concern to the country, and to the ‘Bars and Stars’, because, according to the report from the Johns Hopkins University up to the present day, there are 3 million 431 thousand and 574 of the infected in the U.S., and the 136-thousand-466 tragic death.

Fortunately, the queries are still coming to the surface, and up to now amounting to a million and a 49 to 98 thousand patients are cured. Most of them are located in the state of New York, where he was living at the epicentre of the pandemic in the spring.

In california, around closing

The state of California, she made the decision to go back to close to the bars, restaurants (by state), and the business is not essential in more than 30 counties after the growth of coronavirus in the United States.


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