The Rapper would have had a relationship with the wife of Will Smith, with the permission of the actor


The singer insists he had a loving relationship with Jada Smith, and who would “give the blessing”.

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Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, are in the eye of the storm after the rapper August Alsina claimed that she had a romantic relationship with Jadand, presumably, the famous actor had knowledge.

Most times, the famous rapper said that he had an alleged relationship with Jada, but what is more is that, presumably, was Will Smith, who gave his “blessing” to the release of the authorization Jada Pinkett and August Alsina to maintain a relationship.

“We were talking about the transformation of her marriage into a union as a partner in life and he gave me his blessing, said the artist in an interview with Angela Yee on the program, Breakfast Club.

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Alsina has also said that he met jada intermediate, Jaden, the son of her and Will Smith, in the year 2015 and that he therefore was very much in love with her.

“I completely dedicated myself to this relationship for years, and I loved her deeply, to the point of saying that it could die right now, knowing that I finally felt that love for someone”, added the rapper, who insisted on the fact that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett has an open relationship.

For their part, the legal representatives of Will Smith and his wife denied the statements of the singer, without clarifying whether they have or not a poly-amorous relationship.

“The relationship between Jada and Alsina, is not certain. Absolutely none of this is true”reported representatives.

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