Meghan Treatments and Michelle Obama, along with summit feminist


The duchess of Brescia, has confirmed his intervention in the so-called ‘Girl Leadership Summit, together with other celebrities.

The duchess of Sussex, Meghan Treatments, has confirmed his already says of intervention in the long-awaited ‘Girl Leadership Summit’: on the occasion of the summit of feminism, equality and training will be held between days 13 and 15 July, through numerous video conferences.

The protagonist of the series, ‘Suits’ will give a talk on the new opportunities and old barriers encountered by women all over the world for their overall development and their leadership skills, according to the statement issued by the event himself, who gave the welcome.

“Listen to the advice of Meghan Treatments, duchess of Sussex, for future generations of female leadership. Will take the stage at the ‘Girl Up Summit,” which will be held virtually between days 13 and 15 July,” reads the message posted by the organization on its official Twitter account.

The former actress to share the event with none other than the former first lady of the us Michelle Obama, whose foundation was among the sponsors of the initiative; his good friend Priyanka Chopra, the actress Jameela Jamil and the singer Bebe Rexha, among many other personalities from the world of politics, economy, culture and fun.

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