Johnny Depp has denied that he had beaten to Amber Heard, after the loss of millions


The american actor Johnny Depp again denied Monday in a british court to have been presented at a certain point violent with his ex-wife Amber Heard, even after being stripped of hundreds of millions of dollars for his exadministrador.

The protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” it is from the last week are engaged in a test of defamation against the british tabloid The Sun and its group editor NGN for the The high Court of London.

The star, 57-year-old, accusing the tabloids have presented in 2018 as a “kicker of the wives”, taking for granted that which has been blocked by hearsay, something he has always denied.

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The complaint sought to clean up its image, severely damaged, according to Depp in the magazine. But since last Tuesday, the actor was widely questioned by the lawyer of NGN 14 alleged acts of domestic violence.

The point of view of London focused on the problems drug addiction and his excessive lifestyle. Have come to light in private messages, photos and testimonies incriminating.

On the fifth day, the star returned to remember the night of the 30th birthday of his wife, in the month of April of 2016.

He had arrived late after having discovered that his exadministrador had stripped of Of $ 650 million accumulated “from Pirates 2 and 3,” he said.

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He acknowledged the “possible”, in response to a question from his lawyer, to have smoked cannabis on that occasion. He assured that this substance has a effect of “calming” in it and that, therefore, it was impossible that you were in a state of “anger”, as stated by the NGN.

From the beginning of the process, the defense of the Depp aims to show that he Heard, 34-year-old, drove with great caution, to advance your career, a case against him during his two years of tortuous marriage, between 2015 and 2017.

So, the actor said that in the month of march 2015 Los Angeles could not grab the hair of his wife with one hand and punching her with the other, because it was the plaster.

Put the chalk in the hand, because, according to him, a piece of his finger had been striped to the bone, Felt during a brawl in Australia.

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And as proof has presented a message that was sent shortly after another incident in the month of December 2015 by the father of the actress, the actor David Heard, in this, he admits that his daughter has mood problems, as well as Depp has with drugs and alcohol.