It could be that this is good?, ask the fans of Lambda García before his new relationship


United States.- As well as Zac Efron with a community of fans very passionate, he also wears the “fan” to follow one of his greatest mentors: Darin Olien. No longer considered as a guru of gastronomy and the way of life, is an expert on healthy eating that has inspired the actor to begin your path towards a more eco-friendly and is now captured in the documentary With your feet on the ground in Netflix.

For Olien knew him as “the hunter of superfoods”, a phrase that quickly became hooked by the protagonist of the film In bed with the killer. To the point that the push to transform his physique. And Ephron looking for a beard, has a robust body, with broad back, strong arms and beautiful smile that characterizes it. His gaze remains charming, and not in vain the broken on Twitter this weekend, when your name is positioned as a trend in this platform.

Is that the transformation of the interpreter, the american has been engraved in the memory of his fans, who did not hesitate to publish on the social network of the blue bird the most stunning images of her physical change from that embodied Troy Bolton in the teen series High School Musical at age 14, until now, that has shown his new image in docuserie With the feet for earth, that debuted last July 10, through the exposure of the company to streaming. However, his participation-oriented, sustainable mobility, has generated different reactions from the public.

Everyone wants Zac Efron

It is worth noting that the documentary Zac Efron you save the traditions of different countries such as Puerto Rico, France, Great Britain, Iceland and Peru are also practices that are in harmony with the environment. On the other hand, presents culinary healthy alternatives that tourists should be aware of each region. In spite of the applause that has received this work of Netflix, critics dismissed their participation when considering who should go more in depth in his ecological message, and in the ways of travel in a sustainable way.

Another aspect that has called the attention of his disciples, is that you no longer have your toned body, but it seems more robust. In a statement to the press, Zac Efron has considered that they did not want to live another bitter experience of being slaves to the gym or get depressed by all the negative comments against you. “I don’t ever want to be in good shape (…) to Get to that level had a very high cost, and it’s not worth it. You are tired all the time, sad. Sometimes I couldn’t even drink the water, so to fuck with that. You worry about water under the skin. In addition to transforming your six-pack abs in one of the four. It is not realistic. I don’t want to be idealized. They are the size that they are.”