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COLOMBIA.- With a beach look and also with sweatshirt, hat and pants in your line of ‘Colours’ is like J Calvin is left to see this weekend, while giving you a break after you put the roar of the engine of one of their collection of motorcycles near his home of Medellin, where the confinement by the new coronavirus Covid-19. So what he shared in his account of Instagram, which has more than 42 million followers.

The first, and dressed in white, as the name of one of their tracks of their latest album, ‘Colours’, the colombian singer went to his account of Instagram a video of Tik Tok in the one that shows the ‘official dance’ for the song “Water”, which was a collaboration with the music producer Tainy for the movie “Sponge Bob: The Rescue”, which will be released in the month of August on digital platforms.

In the first photo, it looks like Calvin is resting on a red bike parked in mid-street meters before coming to a curve!, which makes it clear that, in addition to speed, the urban artist likes to feel the adrenaline, even if the installation wanted to send out a lot of peace of mind. What is surprising is the vast landscape that surrounds his residence, surrounded by green trees. The publication has managed to almost 800 thousand ‘likes’.

In another image, the candidate with 12 of the 28 categories of the Premios Juventud de Univision –that will be broadcast live, on the 13th of August in Miami, Florida, you will see the “Jose Jose be”, in allusion to his real name Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin, while wearing a t-shirt with a printed beach, with a blue background of waves and the green of the palms, the look completed with a pair of glasses with white frame for the reverse miche and green, that earned him more than 700 thousand ‘likes’.

In their stories of Instagram, the colombian has also shared the videos that were sent to her fans doing the official dance of ‘Water’, as well as care for your skin by using sunscreen; and reminded them of the importance of dedicating a few minutes a day of meditation, through the 21-day challenge in which he allied himself with the doctor, and a professor at the indian Deepak Chopra, and which was made available free of charge for their fans.