“I made a terrible mistake”: The last thing that he said to a young man, before his death, after he had gone to a party, COVID-19′, with the belief that the pandemic was a mistake | Health | Magazine


A united states nearly 30 years ago, has died in Texas of the coronavirus after getting into a “party of the covid, organised by an hiv-infected person, according to the chief medical officer of the hospital, where he died in the young age.

“The idea (of the night) to join in and see if the virus is real, and if one collapses,” said Jane Appleby, chief medical officer at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio.

A treintañero who was in the party, have been infected. The health of young people has begun to deteriorate, even to the hospitalization, and death in a Hospital Sunday of this week.

“Before the patient dies, he looked at the nurse and said, ‘I think I made a mistake, I thought it would be a mistake, but it’s not,”said Appleby.

“None of us are invincible,” he warned, indicating that many patients in their 20s and 30 years of age, were admitted to the hospital in the medical center due to complications related to the new coronavirus.

The doctor said: “I don’t want to be alarmist, just trying to share with you some of the examples that happen in real life, to help our community to realize that this virus is very serious and can be spread easily.

Concerned, in view of the increase in cases in Texas, and in the face of the unbelief of a part of the society about the pandemic, Appleby decided to tell the public the story of a patient of 30 years old. The doctor said that 22% of the people who make the test have the coronavirus, a few weeks ago, that number was only 5 percent.

The doctor also said that the hospital has confirmed that the disease also affects young people between 20 and 30 years of age, in a big way, according to The Guardian.

“Wear a mask, stay home if you can, try to avoid groups of people, and you need to disinfect your hands,” said Appleby.

In the case of the man who was shot, is known, then the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and a judge of Harris county, the City Generally will ask this weekend for you to take the necessary actions in order to sort out a trailer and the people at home to the fourth largest city in the United States to be able to respond to the increase in the case of a COVID-19.

“We don’t need just one order to stay in the house right now, but we have to keep at it this time, until they turn down the corner of the hospital, it not only flattens it,” said Noble on Twitter on Sunday night. “Many of the communities in which perseveraron such a way that they are re-opening it for the long term. Let us learn from this and not commit the same mistake twice.”

The call came after a week in Texas, has continued setting new records of confirmed cases of the COVID, 19th -, and drug-related deaths in the disease. Officials in the state-of-health-reported in the Sunday 8.196 new cases, 80 deaths in total 10.410 people, who were hospitalized because of the virus.

The United states was on the numbers of 3.297.501 confirmed cases of the COVID, 19th -, and 135.155 of the deaths, according to a count by the independent University, the Johns Hopkins university.

This balancing act is at 20:00 local time (00.00 GMT on Monday), it is 57.794 spread over the Saturday and 426 more deaths.

The United states has been seen to increase the rate of 60,000 per day during the past week, and, in fact, the contagions that are grown in 37 of the 50 states of the country during the same period, according to the Johns Hopkins University.