As good as new! Alex Casas shares her new image


MEXICO – tiktoker Alex Casepublished through their stories of instagram, who had prepared a great surprise for all her fans. However, this was not a surprise, because I had already spoke to the theme in the previous stories. But I still go crazy for his most loyal followers, especially those who wanted to see him again in the same way. What is it about?, because of his “change” of look.

It turns out that before I go home Raw, the young man had painted his hair, two colors, blue and pink, making it look like a cotton candy. But with the water of the pool, little by little, the colour was fading, until it was completely carryoff. So that on his return home, he had promised to his followers that he would soon dye, even if not with the same colors, yes, you can look for a style that’s crazy.

However, a few hours ago, he surprised his followers, to publish your first photo with the hair is touched again with the same colors. So, while it is surprised with a new change of image, yes I end up freaking out for their fans, those who are zealous to tell; “Beautiful, this cotton candy”, “It’s beautiful” and “I love You”, as well as give him more than 300 thousand likes on its publication, and more than a thousand comments.

New look, new routine

On the other hand, recently shared via his twitter account, that this Monday, July 13, began with the dance classes that had a lot of people with the expectation. However, a few hours ago he shared, what was their first training session. As well as what they read, Alex Case he said that finally he is going to present a exercise routine, ensure, is very excited.

And, at the same time, turned to ask the support of your entire community, to pressure her to continue with the exercise. And that on more than one occasion said, that the exercise does not like it at all. But you said that when you have so much free time, he felt that was the best time to start making big changes in your daily routine.


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