What a tender! Marc Anthony, has been shown to be a proud father


MEXICO. The actress, Sherlyn Gonzalezused to do unboxings for herself and for her child, too often, before Andre was born. However, from the moment that her prince came, the young woman has been completely dedicated to him and he barely had time for anything else. Therefore, their fans are waiting for their videos and publications, and, even if I understand perfectly the situation of the new mother, deeply miss her.

It was so busy, that announced to all through their stories of Instagram at the moment not expected unboxing. He explained to them that their children are not and that you are concentrating all their energies on him. However, to compensate in some way, and his disciples, he told them that he could ask questions through the social network, and she, like André decided to fall asleep, even if it was a short period of time, was going to take the time to answer with total sincerity.

Oh, the questions!

The first question was: “How do you feel in this new phase?” To which Sherlyn, with a smile that flooded his tired face, replied: “I feel very happy, revealed, happy, full, excited, learning the flow of things… But if I had to define in one word, it would be HAPPY!”

In the second, said to him, “Your face is beautiful after the childbirth. What is more the father of this new phase?” The actress has answered: “to Be a mother has many, many beautiful things, but if I had to choose one of my favorite moments in this time, is the evening, when André grabbed the hand falling asleep and I can feel his breath next to me…”

The curiosity continued: “how many weeks to the birth of your child?” Briefly, he said: “André is born at week thirty-nine, and a little more. The world tells me that surely he was going to go ahead and not. Suffered and endured, and there he was happy until the end.”

In terms of breast-feeding, and the change of body image, Sherlyn told his followers that supports the breast pump, as it is of great help when André is desperate for you to eat, for his body, said that breastfeeding helped him a lot to get back to his weight and that has not carried out any diet until now. Also, she recommended a lot of mothers like her who will never stop using these creams, to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

To conclude with the questions and the answers, the singer has shared a beautiful video of André, who had just woken up from a nap, lying down on the bed and looking at his mother with eyes of love. According to this new and wonderful mum, the small very well, from the moment that only wakes up two times a night.


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