Unexpected pregnancy: Neither Shakira or Pique could believe it, not hide it to the media


Neither the colombian singer nor the player have come out to say that the details. Shakira and Pique met ten years of happy relationship, the couple met by these dates, when Spain won the World cup in south Africa, in addition, that same year, before leaving for south Africa, the interpreter, went to Madrid to act at the Rock in Rio Madrid, one of those nights in madrid when she met the footballer.

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However, at that time, Pique still maintained a relationship with Núria Tomás, his ex-girlfriend, the daughter of the well-known entrepreneur Enrique Tomás, owner of a chain of hams, Pique seems that it still maintains a cordial relationship with the girl, something that Shaki will not like it at all.

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But, now no need to worry, because Núria is currently in a state of advanced pregnancy, she ended up falling in love with a person that has preferred to leave in anonymity, he is not an athlete, nor famous, apparently, but it will give you all the love in the world.

However, some time after it was announced that this boy is so beautiful that it has stolen the heart goes by the name of Agus Puig Gibernau.

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The young man asked Núria marriage, and clearly it is they themselves that have communicated in a video very romantic in the middle of some vineyards in Alella that you have posted on social networks, I prepared a romantic dinner to coincide with its anniversary and there will be the delivery of the ring.

And recently, Núria has communicated to the thousands of faithful that she is pregnant and has already been five months, this news loved because they tried last year, but had no luck, the spaniard has suffered a miscarriage, we let him know herself.

“I’d love to share the moment that I’m living with you. After a couple of months encontrándoseme relatively poor, I think that I back to me. And I want to share what I am reading and doing research on the world of pregnancy. It is a magical moment and wonderful,” wrote the beautiful woman.

In the same way, continues to explain that, in December, discovered she was pregnant, but the second visit of the month of January, I said that the heart is not beating and had not been reached to generate the embryo, and later explained that he had to have an abortion.