To develop an algorithm to identify patients at COVID-19 and over cough • Forbes Mexico


EFE). – A group of researchers from Mexico, the United States, Spain, and Italy to develop an algorithm that is technology in order to identify whether or not a person is infected with the COVID-19-only to hear her cough on the phone, and without ever leaving your home.

The team, led by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), scientists from the five countries that make up a data base with tens of thousands of residents of all ages, who are healthy and who are carriers of the disease.

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This information should be analysed with algorithms and artificial intelligence for an intelligence system to record the details of the cough of a sick person, and their won’t be someone else’s healthy,” she explained to the News that Barbara of Spain, in charge of the project in Mexico, and a professor at the University of Guadalajara (western Mexico).

Over the counter, and even the tone of voice of a sick person, asymptomatic or healthy to have differences. This principle allows the system to be able to identify, with only 15 seconds of audio, if you are in any of these states.

“The people who take part in ‘donate’ his cough, and his general information and if you have, these are going to feed an artificial intelligence system by using text-to-speech, you are going to identify as they are for the d, the healthy and the sick, and the system does the comparison of the sound with a precision that the ear is not able to,” he said.

The trial began a couple of months ago at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Hospital Luigi Sacco, Milan; and in various health care facilities in the United States, and it continues into Mexico, through the Hospitals, the Civil, and the Health Sciences campus of the University of Guadalajara.

For the researchers, it is essential to keep a record of the people in Mexico, a country that is going through the highest peak of the curve the spread of the disease, and that the day has come, the 295.268 confirmed cases, and 34.730, who have died since the beginning of the pandemic, on the 28th day of the month of February.

“The idea is to learn from Mexico, we can expand the range of what up to now have. As we got to the turn-of-infection), and go up in contrast to Europe, which is already running and you only have a few rebrotes, we have identified an area of opportunity for you to have not only a cough, in people who are healthy, but with a suspicion or confirmation of a COVID,” said the head of the project in Mexico

By now you are in the process of the collection-of-d-people-of any gender, of age, healthy or ill, they can choose to “donate” to your cough, for which the algorithm is to have as much information as possible, and to be able to do a more in-depth analysis straight and narrow.

Experts in the field have been working on a project that is similar, for the purpose of identifying alzheimer’s disease.

A contingency of health care and the high number of new infections in the world, it contains more than 12.5 million cases and more than 650.00 deaths it took to adapt the technology as a way to help people to be able to be diagnosed as being out of touch with other people, and had in Spain.

Soon after that, the system is said to be at the disposal of the application, which is downloadable, free of charge, on any device, in order for the people to go and do the test at home, without risk, and for those of you who want to “give away” to your cough, you can gain access to your web page toseconcausa.udg.max. TODAY