The new project of Chumel Torres that goes on the rise!


MEXICO-. The past June 13, the comedian and Chumel Torres made history by performing the first opera theater in Latin america via streaming, with the presentation of a monologue by the title “sold Out”, in which he gives life to the 34 different characters, the plot develops around a receptionist in a luxury restaurant with dreams of one artist, the main character of the story is “Sam Streets.”

This new concept was very successful so the youtuber and his team decided to take it back and continue to grow in this new dynamic do comedy live streaming, the presentation is made through the digital platform of entertainment and comedy Room Stellarin this occasion the protagonist of the game is the actor Alan Estrada, keeping the concept of “out of print”.

Chumel has shown through the stories of Instagram so grateful that this with your audience who have continued to support him, despite all the problems that they have had the last few weeks and also the direct confrontation with the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his wife Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, which has led to the cancellation of her show “Chumel with Chumel Torres” aired on HBO.

In the video you shared shows some fragments of the live performance of Alan Estrada in his return to the theatre, but also the host of “the pulse of The republic,” he said; “thanks to all those who were connected to the exhausted Alan, and it came out amazing, we connect muchisíma the band, he was cold, and I thank you, because this proyectito is very special for us, because as a “Machine 501″ we are starting to produce these flows, we’re doing very well,” were his words of gratitude.

It is important to remember that “Maquina 501” is the project as a means of digital communication of the eu have developed as an extension of the “pulse of the republic” and has had much success already that he can observe news writing, columns, podcasts, and now this new project is “out of print”, the comic he closed his video by saying, “wait soon other surprises, thanks for the link, and I hope that I liked it very much and we’ll see you next, because the next”.


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