The love, the laughter and the life work of Catherine Siachoque and Miguel Varoni


MEXICO – there is No doubt that for the actress Itatí Cantoral, his work has always been one of his greatest blessings. How have you managed to consolidate a great career full of success and has the support and love of each one of his fans, who constantly grateful for the many signs of affection. But when the work is also a means of fun and an anti-stress, you should presumirlo to the four winds.

And that is exactly what makes the actress, with her new soap opera, has demonstrated how much you enjoy the days you spend in the recording. Since it is not only doing what we both love, but surrounded by great professionals that also turned out to be part of his great family of friends. And he loves to share with his followers of instagram each of these moments, that you are so happy that make.

And is located on a helicopter, in the dressing room, a forum, or behind the cameras, the actress has the incredible relationship that he has with his colleagues and how much fun to do what I love so much. And it is a fact that the fans enjoy this type of content, since it is a very different way, to see what happens behind the scenes of your favorite programs.

Waiting for “The mexican güero”

This new soap opera that Itatí Cantoral is working,“ The mexican güero” is under the production of Nicandro Diaz, and features an amazing cast, such as; Rodrigo Abed, Jacqueline Andere, Gabriela Carrillo, Tania Lizardo, Montserrat Marañon, Alejandra Procuna, Lorena Velazquez, Rocio Banquells, among others. And is expected to hit the screens on girls, in the month of August.

For the moment, fans of Itatí CantoralI can’t wait to see the first episode of this new project of the actress. And he never gets tired of launch congratulations, ensuring that it looks more beautiful than ever, and as much as I would love to see you again on the screen. However, for the moment we must wait and continue to enjoy all the publications that constantly shares the beautiful actress, and enjoy the side of it, the incredible behind a camera.


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