the controversial support to Trump the director of the largest company of food products, hispanic-owned U.S.


Goya Foods
Because there is a boycott of Goya?

Goya Foods, or simply Goya as it is popularly known this company of food products, hispanic roots, before to call for the boycott of the united States.

This happens after the its executive director, Robert Unanuehe praised the president of the united States, Donald Trump, saying that his leadership is a blessing.

Goya Foods, which sells a lot of edible products in the american territory and in several countries of Latin america, is the largest food company in the Spanish-owned UNITED states

But now many of their loyal customers, and some supporters, democrats, high-profile which asks that you do not buy the products of the company.

How did the boycott?

The president of the united States, Donald Trump, listening to the comments of Robert Unanue, ceo of Goya Foods, before signing an Executive Order that, on the Initiative of the Prosperity Hispanic in the White House in Washington, USA, 9 July 2020.

Robert Unanue (left) has defended his comments and said that with the boycott that you want to “suppress the freedom of expression.”

Last Thursday, Unanue attended an event at the White House, where president Trump signed up to the Initiative of Prosperity Hispanic, which is described as an effort to improve access to educational and economic opportunities for the members of this community.

Then, the director of Goya has praised the president and said: “We are all really lucky to have a leader like president Trump, who is a builder”.

Soon, they showered criticism on the part of people who claim that their comments have been ignored by the community that Goya Foods provides greatly: hispanics in the united States.

During his first election campaign, Trump has described the majority of mexican immigrants as criminals.

Once in the White House, he has made decisions controversial anti-immigration, has tried to put an end to a policy that protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented from deportation, and has sought to build a border wall to the south.

Robert Unanue

Many consumers said they would stop buying products from Goya, after the support of the Unane cards.

Many consumers said that do not buy more products the firm that include basic inputs for the preparation of traditional dishes of many countries of Latin america.

Those who are leaders of this boycott were shared, brands and recipes of alternatives on different social networks, with the hashtag #Goyaway and #BoycottGoya.

Why is this a big problem?

Some consumers also say that I grew up with a sense of attachment and cultural heritage of the brand, but now you feel disappointed from the comments of its executive director.

“Goya is a staple among people of color,” he told the BBC Autasia Ramos, that the purchase of name brand products for a long time, and added that it is popular among the american families and immigrants.

Ramos said that he had relied on the company to get affordable products that are normally difficult to find, but they are key ingredients in the kitchen is hispanic.

Products of Goya Food.

Goya Foods
Goya Foods is the largest Latin empire of food in the united States.

However, he added that he now felt “disheartened” by the company and planned to stop buying their products.

“I hope that people choose not to support for the ceo to really feel the effect of leave the community that supports your company”, noticed.

Celebrities such as the american model Chrissy Teigen is a member of the congress of democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also said they decided to boycott the company.

Ocasio-Cortez, a legislator for New York, wrote on twitter that now he would have learned how to make your own Marinade, a popular ingredient in the cuisine of hispanic, instead of buying Goya Foods.

Julián Castro, who last year competed for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, has said that the americans should “think twice before you buy their products, given that its executive director had praised “a president who treats the Latin as the bad guys and attack them maliciously for political gain”.

How did the company?

Unanue has defended and he has noticed that he has also worked with the initiatives of the former first lady of the u.s. Michelle Obama.

“This is to suppress the freedom of expression”, said. “I don’t apologize for speaking out -and, especially, when it was called the president of the united States – are you going to say, ‘no, I’m sorry, I’m busy, thanks.”

“I have not said that Obama and the president said Trump,” he added.

Those who claim the company has noted that at the beginning of this year, Goya has donated approximately 136,000 kg of food, equivalent to about 270,000 portions of meals, food banks and organizations to help with the crisis of the coronavirus.

In the case of Thursday, Unanue announced that he would donate a million cans of chickpeas, Goya and 454.000 kg of food products to food banks to help families affected by the pandemic.

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, has condemned the boycott and wrote on twitter that “the mafia of the left wants to cancel one of the companies the hispanic largest in the united States to do because they recognize that the president has shown great leadership? (not very skilled)”.

Why is it so important for the latino vote? – By Luis Fajardo BBC Monitoring, Miami

Given the history of the controversial statements of Donald Trump on latinos, beginning with his description of the mexican immigrants as “rapists”, many were surprised by the praise he has received from the chief executive of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue.

In fact, the support of Unanue to Trump, and the consequent condemnation of the position of the employer on the part of many prominent latinos, only to emphasize the fact that the hispanic community in the united States is politically far from being monolithic.

Even if the clear majority of latinos in the U.S. tend to vote democratic, 28% of the votes went to Trump in 2016, according to the Pew Research Center.

In particular, in Florida, many cubans and venezuelans are also americans, as the strong words of a suit against the governments of the left to power, Havana and Caracas, which they blame for forcing their families into exile.

Given that the elections in the states considered key often defined by very narrow margins, even a small defection of latinos to the republican side could be very valuable to the president.

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