“Thanks for the present, because it is the only thing that we have”: The reflection of Dulce María in this crisis


The republic of COLOMBIA. After living a few days of anguish, Jhonny Rivera finally was able to meet with Max, who had to stay for four days in a clinic. It seems that her perrhijo is already perfectly fine and Johnny is really happy to have him home again. The happiness, which does not pretend to, has completely changed his expression, because in these days he noticed the serious, sad, and mortified in every video that I have recorded on it.

The singer did not specify if the infection that supposedly had in the blood can be treated with medications, or if you still need to take something. However, his best friend, can be viewed in a much better mood. The day I went to pick up, Johnny was waiting for a reception of euphoria on the part of Max, but, although yes, he was very happy to see him, the dog was much more important things in mind. When he convinced his owner to open the door to the veterinarian, the small ran to a window box. As soon as he saw her, Johnny let out a burst of laughter: it was not to greet him, because he wanted to pee!

The meeting Johnny Rivera with Max

With the desire to pamper your friend, Johnny let Max sleep in his own bed, but it is not something that we usually do. The custom is that Max is asleep in his bed, at the side of the bed of the singer. However, as they had been for many days separated, they both enjoyed a lot of time. In the video you can see how your puppy does not stop lamerle the arm, why is really happy to be home and next to his friend.

Max sleeping next to Johnny

In the following stories that he shared the singer, his face is changed. It was for a bike ride and then returned with all their animals, who were waiting for him to be able to go for a ride around the property. Johnny has introduced whole-house: Max, the dog. Pumba, a bit of pork. Macarena, the filly that has just arrived. Chumbo, Feet, Stockings, Diva and Morochita, which are their horses the dwarves.

Even if it is very conventional that a singer share this part of his life, his fans will enjoy it very much. Jhonny mind that a friend recommended to stop this kind of publications, but soon after began to receive comments from his followers, who are demanding, that will not be the sharing of photos and videos. Because of this, the singer has decided to return to share all of these publications.


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