Is excited! Itatí Cantoral shared his passion


MEXICO – actress Itatí Cantoraldo not miss the opportunity to share with their followers that happens in the recording of his new telenovela “La mexicana and the güero”. And that constantly publishes in its instagram pictures of behind-the-scenes, as well as the excellent working relationship that it establishes with each of his co-stars, and in that way you switch the interruption of the production.

Recently shared a photo where you look to the side, Luis Roberto Guzman, while both are in a helicopter, in what promises to be a scene too brave. Well, it is in these moments, in which the actress never tires of sharing with his fans, and that is not only their work, but what is passionate about. And each one of the moments that you share with people who both admires and respects.

The production of “the mexican güero” is performed under the direction of the producer Nicandro Díaz, has a different personality of the medium. Juan Soler, Gala Montes, Iran Castillo, Nora Salinas, Eleazar Gomez, Sabine Moussier, among others, and is expected to reach the small screen in the coming month of August, through the channel of the stars of Televisa. The production is already one of the most anticipated of the moment, given the incredible talent that represents it.

Positive Covid-19

A few weeks ago, it was announced that, before starting the recordings of this production, all the cast members, as well as the rest of the staff, had to be tested for the detection of the Covid-19. This is to ensure the security, that everything could return to the forum, without any risk of contagion.

Unfortunately, during the test, both the actor Juan Soler as Itatí Cantoralwere positive for the coronavirus. That not only triggered the alarm in the forum, but it has caused a big impact on the actress, who has admitted to being worried and distressed by the result, and also has not explained its contagion from the beginning, following all the safety measures. However, all this was a false positive, and just stay in fear.