Finally, Rod Contreras speaks about controversy with Domelipa


MEXICO – Lately Domelipa and Rod Contreras have caused great controversy, due to the increasing rumors, which claim that sustaining a romantic relationship, despite their respective partners. Even the young tiktoker has received some negative comments, stating that the Monte Pantoja deserves someone better, and that you should not play with your feelings, however, none of those involved had spoken of this.

It is until now that Rod Contreras he turned to his Twitterto somehow try to clarify the situation. “What we know is a drop, what we ignore is the ocean”, are the words that you used to give end to the rumors that the league romantically involved with Domelipa. However, the words do not have the impact that was expected, since they are still attacked by some followers, who maintain that a day Mont Pantoja, he ended up leaving.

However, the accounts of the Mont Pantoja, as Rod Contrerasthey are full of messages of love and some of the dedications that causes the young man to his beautiful bride. With what ends up to understand that your relationship is more solid than ever and that their relationship was not affected by all the absurd wave of rumors. What makes you happy followers who support the young couple, because those who want to see Domelipa, continue to sow rumors.

More and more in love than ever

But why start all this drama?, while the pair of friends, was at home Raw, the followers of both, have begun to notice that Rod Contreras and Domelipa, spent too much time together, and always appeared in the video of the other, in addition to realize the great bond at the time of registration. So they began to question, and the type of relationship that united them, to ensure that both looked very happy together.

However, all those rumors were dismissed by the same Domelipa, who now accuse him of meddling in the relationship of Mont Pantoja, and that, at the time, said that Ron Contreras and you are just very good friends. Despite the fact that the young tiktoker, he said nothing at that time, from the back to the side of his girlfriend, be sure to be more happy than ever, in addition to feeling very in love with the hand of the right person.