Coronavirus. The man who came to the festival, Covid” dies in Texas


A the north american for about 30 years, has died at the Texas the coronavirus after having a “the feast of the Covid“, organized by an infected person, according to the chief medical officer of the hospital, where he died in the young age.

“The idea (of the night) to join in and see if the virus is real, and if one collapses,” said Jane Appleby, chief medical officer at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio.

A treintañero who was in the party, have been infected. The health of young people has begun to deteriorate, even to the hospitalization, and death in a Hospital Sunday of this week.

Before his death, the patient said to the nurse, who was in his presence: “I Think it’s the fact that I made a mistake. I thought this virus was a hoax, but it’s not,” said Appleby.

“None of us are invincible,” he warned, indicating that many patients in their 20s and 30 years of age, were admitted to the hospital in the medical center due to complications related to the new coronaviruses.

Coronavirus in to have I

The United States Of Americathe country most afflicted by the virus, came back to have an all-time high number of new infections in a day-to 66 528 million. All in all, the country has more than 3.2 million new cases and nearly 135 thousand deaths.

In the middle of data is dizzying, and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, showed up on Saturday for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, with a mask on in public.

Trump, unwilling that the protection, he used a black mask on her visit to a hospital in the suburbs of Washington, d.c., to greet the veterans of the military.

Reports in the press this week, said that his staff practically begged the representative to give in and to wear a mask in public, as in the case of the coronaviruses, are taken in some of the states.

Florida is one of the most affected states, where they have been detected in more than 10-thousand new hiv infections a day. This did not, however, is that the walt Disney World reabriera part on Saturday, and two of the four theme parks located in the Orlando area.

A record of the transmission of the Covid-19, Fla.

Florida broke the record of the case diaries from the coronavirus in the United States, on Sunday, at the report over 15,300, more than any other state since the start of the financial crisis.

According to data from the u.s. Department of Health, the 15-thousand-299 persons were positive to the test, in order to arrive at a total of 269 thousand and 811 cases.

The 11-thousand of the 694 cases, there are four days, in California, which was the previous record holder for the largest number of cases in a day. New York city has recorded an 11-thousand-571 on 15 April.

The numbers are announced at the end of a hard week, it surpassed the record-breaking Floridawith the 514 fatalities. On Sunday, they were reported more than 45 deaths.

In the course of may, June and July, the state opened a large part of the economy, with a few caveats.



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