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MEXICO – The famous athlete Miguel Layún caused a sensation, to share with their followers, a fascinating time of your family trip. The reason is due to the fact that records the time that their children are enjoying the great family of the time, when you go to the larger bike and for the little ones on a small motorcycle toy. Without a doubt, it was a fantastic moment of relaxation in family.

In their social networks, especially instagram, Miguel Layún came to share with their followers, some of the most exciting moments, which goes to the side of his family, which he defines as the engine of his car, to thank all of you for your support in every stage of his career. The publications, which are highly commented by fans of the footballer, to applaud the wonderful family that has managed to consolidate.


As is the example of a couple of weeks ago, in which he, on the occasion of father’s day, a sweet video, where he is seen playing happily with their young son, Marcelo and Matthew, while grateful for the teachings that you have provided to us. At the same time, who is grateful to his father for making him the man that is now, and who appreciates, and dedicates each of his victories.

Not with the fear of returning to the court?

On the other hand, Miguel Layún recently shared his opinion, after the return to normal following the pandemic of Covid-19. Remember that even if there are still some intrigue of what will happen, and how to adapt gradually to the new style of life, the important thing is not to lower our guard and continue with the necessary security measures. Even though the traffic light, the epidemiology has changed, it is important to continue with care.

Also said, that in this situation one must act with intelligence and do not take everything lightly, because this is not something simple. But a virus that has caused the death of millions of people around the world. So you have to act so smart, careful and take care of our loved ones, in continuity with the hygiene measures. However, he said to be very excited, to finally return to the courts.