What jobs were Superstars before they succeed in WWE?


To know what are the jobs that were Superstars before they succeed in the WWE is something that at one time or another we have wondered all. To think that manhandled the undertaker, John Cena or Becky Lynch have had jobs like any other person, it is difficult to imaginebut these icons of the sport, and the arts have had to earn to pulse the mention that I do every day as if superheroes are treated.

This article seems to be more than interesting to what jobs were Superstars BEFORE they succeed in WWE, and not to those “professions” that they had DURING their journey on the company, as recently pointed out in the official channel of WWE on Youtube.

► What are the jobs were the Superstars of the calibre of beaten the undertaker or John Cena?

A clear example, and perhaps the more it costs us to imagine, it is called Mark Calaway and answers to the name of the Undertakers in the WWE. Known by all, not only for the fans of wrestling, Calaway has started to work as a tax collector. I really had to bully someone to so it was at the back of your all the time until you have paid the last penny of what was due to his client. Cheap does not have to be the cache of the Undertakers.

the processes that were the Superstars of the WWE

The Undertakers worked as private security in the night clubs and discos before becoming the Deadmanwith two metres in height and 136 pounds of weight, has need of a few people better equipped for this job as difficult as poorly-paid, sometimes.

Remembering another legend of the WWE, it seems impossible to imagine the Great Khali as a sub-inspector of police of Punjabbut yes, tower, India, was hunting down all kinds of criminals, before finding glory in the ring.

Continuing with this type of work, which has been the Superstar that never before you had imagined, John Cena in a limousine with a chauffeuras he confessed in an interview with variety show with Seth Meyers last year, until he came three hours late to take your first customer on the first day and, subsequently, for a two-hour delay at the airport of Boston, in one of his first services. The final result was planned, and John Cena he lost his job in an overwhelming way. Maybe thanks to this, began to go to the gym, which helped him to begin modeling his physique to succeed in the ring.

► The list goes on: Roman Reigns, Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch…

For all is known the love of Roman Reigns for the american football and the actions that are performed out of season on the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Minnesota Vikings, but few know that, after this adventure, on the lawn of the NFL he was the manager of a furniture store that her sister was in Florida. I was working from 5 to 9, setting up and breaking down all the material up to that thought it already had enough.

In the women’s section, which was Champion Divas WWE, Nikki Bellaalong with his sister Brie, were the maids of the famous north american chain of restaurants Hooters. The champion Becky Lynch was a flight attendant for irish airline Aer Linguswhere he met with his mother. In that moment Becky felt alone in the profession to recapture the interest that you had in your youth, for the fight, where he arrived at the match with Finn Balor.

that the work has the superstar

Stephen Farrelly, better known as Sheamushe graduated in National College of Ireland and came to work as a computer technician before his debut in WWE. Curious, isn’t it? The most curious is to know that a declared activist, vegan, as Daniel Bryan he worked at the Mcdonalds. Anyone who has seen and sees him.

All this does is remind us that we must pursue our dreams and continue to work hard every moment could be just around the corner. To know what are the jobs that they had Superstar before having success in the WWE can make us think about the future: hard work, consistency… and a good pinch of luck never hurts.