What is your favorite series and why?


Prominent personalities from different disciplines, recommend their favorite of the small screen

Maricel Álvarez
Maricel Álvarez Credit: Courtesy Of Maricel Alvarez/Xavi Martín

Normal People

Maricel Álvarez. Artist and curator

Normal People

Sally Rooney, is one of the novels, the most acclaimed of the decade. Painfully beautiful, the version for television, this story of love and desire between two young people, with the damaged, sensitive, and introverted is a gem. Of different social classes, Marianne and’connell are teenagers when they fall in love. Will be college students when the story is over. See

Normal People

emits an amount of tenderness and discomfort. Both the pleasure and anguish. It is a moving experience and conmocionante. A lot, a lot for a television series.

(Starzplay, premiere 16/7)

Eduardo Costantini (h)
Eduardo Costantini (h) Credit: Courtesy of Eduardo Costantini (h.)

Twin Peaks

Eduardo Costantini (h.). The founder of Kabinett and co-founder of Mubi

I recommend you to see this series is back after almost 30 years with the direction of the legendary David Lynch and the same creative team, and every fan of cinema should see. Its captivating, the characters are a key influence of contemporary cinema and the evolution of the TV. What I like the most are the levels of analysis: the whole is much more than what it seems. With elements of philosophical and metaphysical, and invites us to interrogate the reality. He handles the humor and the terror of forms is very visual, with the master of the music of Angelo Badalamenti. Full of meaning and identity, is as nothing.


Jessica Trosman
Jessica Trosman Credit: Gato Suaya

The Great

Jessica Trosman. Fashion stylist

I just finished the best series:

The Great

created by Tony McNamara and starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. Is the life of empress Catherine the Great, from his arranged marriage to Peter III, his planned coup. She is a great manipulator who fight for the liberation of Russia and the empowerment of women, while he is a ridiculous sexist, restricted, and aggressive. Everything is so derided, it seems like a series of Monty Python. All the characters are great. The art direction is incredible, the costumes and the photography.


Florencia Raggi
Florencia Raggi Credit: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP

Modern Love

Florencia Rays. Actress

I was moved after seeing

Modern Love

eight stories of a love that is “different”, inspired by the weekly column published by the

The New York Times

based on stories from readers about the thousand and one ways of loving. I liked the originality and simplicity of his dialogue, with his humanity, because the fire of love is where you least imagine. With the talent and the combination is atypical of the cast, which includes Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway (with a music and a memorable scene), among others. And why, regardless of erotic scenes, and impulses of love, of truth.

(Amazon Prime)

Hernán Cattáneo
Hernán Cattáneo Credit: Ignacio Sanchez

The Sopranos

Hernán Cattáneo. DJ and producer

David Chase’s account of how brilliant the story of an Italian-american family in New York with Tony (the boss) as the central axis, and deepens the relationship with his wife, his children, his mother, his gang of thugs and the psychologist, who sees in secret, because you suffer from anxiety attacks; all carried out with a great script, black humor, realism, and less glamorous than usual.

The Sopranos

is great already from the title, when they play “Woke up” from Alabama 3, with the images of James Gandolfini driving his Chevrolet Suburban and New Jersey background, and references, even 20 years after.

(HBO Go)

Marcos López
Marcos López Credit: Daniel Pessah

Pink… by far

Marcos López. Artist

The series I like most is

Pink… by far

. I see on YouTube every time I want to cry. I close my eyes and imagine her lips, the cadence of the voice of Leonor Benedetto, that gives me goose bumps. Be issued by ATC at the beginning of the 80’s. Every day, the one and a half in the afternoon. I have not lost or a chapter. I studied half-heartedly, and I got to stay free of different subjects not to be perdérmela. Many times I speak with the psychoanalyst: my decision to come, live from Santa Fe to Buenos Aires was inspired by

Pink… by far



Claudia Piñeiro
Claudia Piñeiro Source: File

The wonderful woman Maisel

Claudia Piñeiro. Writer

The wonderful woman Maisel

it was my best “pick up spirits” in quarantine. Set in NY in the ‘ 50s and for the account of the transformation of the “Migde” Maisel, a housewife with two children, belonging to a jewish family well-to-do a stand-up comedian live. The husband just left for his secretary. A classic, but not so much because Joel is fascinating. How is Susie Myerson, his strange representative with the before leaving the scene say: “Tits up! “You can be a woman fun?”, some people are questioning themselves. Midge answers better than anyone else.

(Amazon Prime)

Alberto Rojo
Alberto Rojo Credit: Courtesy Of Alberto Rojo


Alberto Rojo. Physical and musician

A series with a perfect balance between comedy, drama and the plot of the police, inspired the eponymous film by the Coen brothers. I like that each season has a different story, avoiding the sudden unknown brother that appears in the fourth season of the series. There are continuous references to the films of the coens, in a fictional universe based on the crimes that have occurred in Minnesota, in the years 60 and 80. A series to watch, and then see it again and find new things.