TOP 5: interesting News – 12 July 2020



Interesting news of the day begins with the poignant photograph of the family of the actress Naya Rivera arriving at Lake Piru, where the star disappeared in a mysterious way.

Also, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, are preparing a big surprise together. While Tanya Charry was subjected to a test of COVID-19, after the journey by land, from California to Florida, this and much more is in the news today on digital platforms.

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2. The family of Naya Rivera visit the Lake Piru in seeking answers to the disappearance of the actress

Through Twitter, a producer of ABC has exclusively introduced at a picture of the family of Naya Rivera, Yolanda Rivera (mother) and Mychal Rivera (brother), while they appreciated the deep waters of Lake Piru to cry in order to get answers of what all that happened with the actress, and to be able to give to your body.

The photograph was taken in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 11, a few minutes from the arrival of the family of Rivera to the scene of the accident, for the first time, from the time that all happened last Wednesday, 8 July.

Authority of the Ventura County Sheriff stated that the search of the body of Naya Rivera has not been finished, so they decided to implement new strategies for the exhaustive research that includes computers of high range that allows you to get a clear view of the deep waters of the lake.

2. Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, are preparing the surprise together

The colombian singer Maluma posted a picture exclusively in the company of actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, this to make it known that they are preparing a big surprise together that estrenaran soon.

“This class I like … that they think is the [email protected] and that the [email protected] 2. To siii… we’re shooting a pump,” he explained Maluma.

Despite the fact that the stars are not in-depth details on this new project together, it is assumed that it is a musical collaboration that promises to position itself in the top of billboards world music.

Maluma and Jennifer Lopez have worked together in the film “Marry Me”, which concluded its registrations in the month of November 2019 in the city of New York. So far, no one knows the release date of the tape with Maluma in his big debut.

3. Tanya Charry is subjected to the test of the COVID-19

Tanya Charry, host of “El Gordo and la Flaca”, which was published in the afternoon of this Saturday, July 11, which was subjected to a test of the diagnosis of COVID-19 in the city of Miami, after a journey that was a ground from California to Florida.

“After crossing the country from coast to coast, we want to be sure to be responsible and we decided to do the test #coronavirus and antibodies, and thanks be to God @sebojim and I go negative!! Thanks @anylabdoral for the excellent care and @nathalyzamora for the recommendation,” he said on his official account on Instagram.

Charry has been reported everything that was happening with the COVID-19, in California, from the time that the pandemic escalated in the united States. However, a couple of days ago, he made the decision to return to earth in the company of his family to the city of Miami to stay for a period of time in Florida and comply with all their professional commitments with Univision.

4. Niurka Marcos is a tribute to Walter Market

Recently was presented a preview of the documentary Walter’s Market on the platform of Netflix, cuban actress Niurka Marcos has decided to pay a tribute to the famous astrological with a clip that hung on his profile on Instagram where you can appreciate personificándolo.

“With the Love of a tribute to Walter the Market that has given us a beautiful memory…….thanks…… #WalterMercadoChallenge,” said Marcos in the text of the publication, which was attended by more than 100 thousand views.

At the time of ovation by their fans for the great characterization, Marcos responded that he carried out with great respect: “And with great respect, that is the reason why I was interested to caracterizarme well.”

5. Adrián Uribe shows the advanced state of the pregnancy of his girlfriend

The mexican actor Adrián Uribe wowed all of her followers on Instagram in the afternoon of this Saturday, 11 July by posting a photo with his girlfriend, the brazilian model Thuany Martins, who was beaming with pride in her advanced state of pregnancy.

“With the love of my life waiting for the love of our life! I love you! @thuanymart #6meses,” said Uribe in the photo that has won the incredible sum of 110 thousand “Likes” in a matter of hours.

In the snapshot, Uribe seems to be kissing his girlfriend on the cheek while posing in front of a mirror in a gym in Mexico City. Despite 6 months of pregnancy, the Martins, the young brazilian continues to sporting a striking figure.

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