the video of Maluma, who confirms his talent parallel


If you have seen his special on Susana Giménez or segís to the bottom in their networks, perhaps you’ve noticed that Maluma is a skillful soccer player. In one of his last publications, this has been demonstrated: it has been recorded by jueguitos in front of the sea at the rate of one of their latest hits.

Learn guys no I’m not going to last a lifetime“wrote the singer, true to her style fresh and on display in paradise as a place where the quarantine.

The colombian almost is dedicated to football, but at the beginning of his career at the bottom in a important team of your country decided that their music was the. On several occasions, the artist has recalled how he told his father that he was about to abandon the tour: “I told him that I don’t want to play football. But that was not the only baldazo of water. I said: I want to be the singer urban, singer raggaetón“he said in a dialogue with the People.

He liked the ball and had no impact among their peers, which is why he won the title of captain in several important matches. Yes that was leadership“he said that a coach who has had a baby.

The latest professional Maluma had to do with the release of “Feel the beat”, a premiere of Black Eyed Peas in which he participated.