Thalia has a luxurious face mask that can cost you up to hundreds of dollars


But the important thing is to be protected against the coronavirus, the stars of the show as Thalia take this to the next level, as was expected. For them, the mask will become more of an accessory to keep you as style icons.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the mexican singer has as a partner of designers who have developed parts to keep in the shelter, without leaving aside the glamour, the gloss and attractive colors of this summer.

Of course, this has a price that celebrities like her are willing to pay, however, does not leave you exempt from the polemic of many who think that they are too high to be pieces of the new normal have become indispensable.

Thalia Thalia. – Instagram

The interpreter of “can’t remember” has shared a video through its account of Instagram, where he showed his over 16 million followers all of the options that you have from Monday to Friday, one more in love with another, and who have become the object of desire for most fashionistas.

“One for each day of the week if I want to walk very glam. But, glam or not, the point is to use the mask, and to protect us and care for us all”, wrote the actress, who is also 48 years old

These creations carry the signature of designer the likes of Michael Ong, Osama Ishtay and Michael Costello, who had made Thalia their exclusive one-off pieces, with prices ranging between $ 45 and 490 dollars, approximately, according to the Who.

Even a couple of days ago, Ariadna Sodi, your real name, shared a beautiful model with inserts in diamonds created by an Ngo, which has among its customers for divas such as Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Lana Del Rey, and Ariana Grande, using the benefits of the masks to donate to the food banks, the american.

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