¡Radical! Justin Bieber has been brutally ignored by Shawn Mendes


United States.- From the moment that the famous canadian singer, Justin Bieberdecided to make a stop in the life of the rock star they were born the other great idols of the music. This is the reason why, when he returns with his hit “Yummy”, it was found more of an obstacle. According to the information that has passed through, the young “Baby” has returned to the throne, as it is not the male star most relevant of the genre pop. And it seems that Bieber is not happy with the news.

It all started when the pair, Shawn Mendeshe appeared in a cover of a magazine with the title “prince of pop”. With this overwhelming reality, it is important to note that the Mendes is also the former spouse of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. After the contest the crown, and even impossible to exchange the various prayers through the social network Twitter, what has happened to this reality?

The silence of the discomfort

Despite the fact that are not known for a new crossing of the words, on the afternoon of Saturday, 11 July, the Internet exploded with a video that may reveal many assumptions. Justin Bieber and Shawn agreed at a public event and reduced the expression of the body was simple the first, has been totally ignored by the second. This meeting will be the development of Los Angeles, in particular on the Hollywood Walk of Dame with the intention of paying tribute to Sir Lucy Grainge, chairman of Universal Music.

Among the other special guests, in addition to the two singers in the canadian, they found Sam Smitht and Lionel richer. With this number, we quantified participation, it is easy to see how there has been a radical departure between the two parties, in fact, Shaw Mendes has decided to completely ignore the husband of Hailey Baldwin, and he did it in a way most striking can. This information was known thanks to a video that left everyone without words.

While Justin Bieberhe decides to change his clothing and make the formal photography, is a joke, you can see how the other end Mendes does not change with the time of your couple. It is worth noting, that by 2019, Bieber assured him “you’re Going to have to break more records to take me off the throne friend. But if you want we can play hockey, even if I was told that you’re not very good”. In other words, the rivalry has not stopped.