Not without a job? Mariah Carey announces the launch of his new book in which he recounts his life


United States.- The pandemic caused by the virus Covid-19 stopped from one moment to the other the lives of the people, some of them are struggling to survive, others work from home and, well, some do not care much about absolutely nothing. Mariah Careyhe took his free time to complete your book The meaning of Mariah Carey.

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The book will be full of your memories, memories, personal struggles, successes, failures, traumas, and dreams that have contributed to the Mariah we know today. The singer has stressed that his new writing is without the filter, since you want to convey in a transparent manner, its essence, something that could not be done in interviews or newspaper articles.

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Mariah made a comment that never had the chance to express themselves in this way and has the experience as something incredibly difficult, embarrassing, and healing process. I well remember that the interpreter is ” All i want for christmas is you, has been classified as an artist, controversial, and beloved by americans and people all over the world, this new project will give you the opportunity to clarify, correct, and share moments of their personal and public lives.

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