Listen to the songs of the 5 must-haves for Lil’ Kim


If we are talking about history of hip hopit is impossible to overlook such figures as Tupac Shakur or Notorious B. I. Gin the same way that it is an obligation to mention Lil’ Kim.

When she rose to fame in 1994 with the group Junior M. A. F. I. A (coincidentally covered by Biggie) everything changed, since Kim entered the industry has never turned out to be the same.

She was great the precursor to the hip hop female and up to date, and much it hurts, yet we have never witnessed a phenomenon, and neither musically nor visually.

Lil ‘Kim has opened the doors to all those who were behind, and that we want to to celebrate her 46 years, making a look at their best 5 songs.

This song was destined to be a classic, and so it was. Imagine, in 1996, the debut album of Lil Kim and we find in him ‘Crush On You’a topic in which you collaborate with Lil’ Cease and The Notorious B. I. G., as you may suppose, this was the beginning of all that is to come.

What is more, in the clip we can see familiar faces like those of Aaliyah, Da Brat, Jay-Z, and Biggie, that makes it a real gem.

The sensuality, the dances, the colors and the changes of wigs and laid the foundations for his identity, which remains unique even to this day.

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In 2003, the artist decided to start a new era in his career with his third album, titled ‘La Bella Mafia’ . The first single of the project was ‘The Jump Off’ that has had a great reception from the public.

As I said at the time, Lil’ Kim, she had big plans for the video of this song, but Atlantic Records I do not have much budget, and finely, he was not happy with the result.

Artists such as Nicki Minaj and T. I. they did remix of this song, so it is quite evident that he made history.

The following simple ‘La Bella Mafia’ it was The ‘Magic Wand’a song that has reached number two in sales in the united States and was the the first great success of the artist.

This collaboration with 50 Cent it has remained in the collective imagination without a video clip, something that has a lot of merit, taking into account that would never have been launched.

Initially, Curtis spoke with the rapper Trina to put his verses on this topic, that would be part of ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ but not liked the result and favorite out of Kim who collaborate with him in the song.

Finally, the production is not arrived in time, and that is why he ended up leaving in ” La Bella Mafia’, sampling “It’s That Way of Hours” by Joe Simon and collect a lot of success.

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To know ‘Big Momma Thang’ there is to move to 1996, the issue of “Hard core”, when Jay-Z joined Lil Kim on this track that was leaked ahead of time and ended up having a performance ccomercial worse than expected.

Even so, they managed to create a classic, based on ‘Was it Something I Said?’ of New year’s eve, and with a name inspired by the “It’s a Big Daddy Thing” Big Daddy Kane .

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Fortunately or unfortunately, this is the song most listened to Lil’ Kim. ‘Lady Marmalade’ was, and remains, a success thanks to its sex and explosive result,

Next to the artist Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Mya put a soundtrack ‘Moulin Rouge’ one of the most famous in the history of music, with this version of a matter of Labelle.

You may not have heard of any other problems that we have appointed and are interested in knowing a little more about Kim, but this that we leave you below accumulated more than 5 million sales in less than 1 year, so make sure that you are tired of giving everything to him.

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Congratulations Kim!


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