Katie Holmes wants to be a doctor, study medicine


According to the newspaper the australian New Idea, Katie Holmes wants to enroll at the school of medicine. Apparently, the actress has finally decided to follow the desires of his childhood to become a doctor.

The media claim that the actress was enrolled in one of the most prestigious universities in the united States, Columbia University, to study medicine.

Holmes would have been accepted by the Columbia university, before becoming an actress, but has decided to leave school to concentrate on her role as iconic as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek at that time.

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A source revealed: “Katie had a row with his father, Martin, when he wanted to postpone the school of medicine and follow the action. It was a great bet and is well worth the effort. But he has not forgotten his dream of helping people and the situation of the virus of today is only a stimulus,” says the informant.

The tabloid garantiza that Holmes has received the support of his family to enter the school of medicine, but especially her daughter Suri: “She is very proud of his mother,” the source said.