In Brazil, the couple wears the clothes of the astronauts against the COVID-19


In the Brazila a couple usa’s suits the astronauts against the COVID-19. They have called attention to themselves and to outsiders due to the special nature of the clothing.

The suits the astronauts they are used for a Rosary, the third biggest, and Aliceia Lima, a a couple you can protect yourself from possible infection by the COVID-19 Brazil.

A married couple in which Brazil has changed for the bathing suits for some of the outfits of astronauts. In the midst of a pandemic, these husbands are fighting on the COVID-19. Photo: Reuters)

The a couple she decided to wear clothes to protect themselves from the effects of the new coronavirus COVID-19 Brazil and while this is happening, a few tourists could not help but take a picture or to say a few words of awe by the creative extent.

Third, and Aliceia have done all they can to protect themselves against the threat posed by the new coronavirus. Photo: Reuters)
  • Third, and Aliceia have done all they can to protect themselves against the threat posed by the new coronavirus in the clothes of the the astronauts.

The a couple found in these garments are so safe that even those that are used to carry out the walks on the beach and many other places of Rio de Janeiro.

On Saturday, the a couple to put smiles on the faces of the people, and to surprise the others while they were walking on the side of the famous line in the sand of the Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The inhabitants of this city have taken advantage of the peculiarities of the bed to take a photo with them.
Photo: Reuters)

The counter 66, the third biggest, has bought the clothing, but it even made it to the head, and along with his wife have embarked on this adventure, to make a good face in a time of COVID-19 in the Brazil.

His wife, who is also a real estate broker, Aliceia Lima, 65 years of age, I hesitated a little bit when you put it on the tender for astronaut in the beginning, but he did live to write and, along with the love of your life.

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The Brazilian has paid tribute to the workers is essential, as well as the victims of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) with a projection of its faces on the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.



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