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MEXICO. Jesse & Joy have not stopped to use their social networks to demonstrate that all versions of Airhis latest album, are very special to them. Therefore, this pair of talented brothers and singer-songwriters, don’t miss even a day to remember the millions of fans that this work is the result of their talent and their professionalism, but also of all the personal experiences that both composers hide behind every topic.

Two weeks after the end of the month of Pride, and that , Jesse & Joy to make history hand-in-hand to the UN to defend the love without gender labels with the theme “Love“. This pair of famous re-confirm via a tweet that all the achievements that have been made since they published “outer Space”, their first single, is due not only to the relationship of brotherhood that unites them. That is to say, their complicity is more narrow, because they share not only blood, but also the dreams and goals.

Brothers, friends, comrades: all-in-one

For Jesse & Joy no project is a real challenge, because they know that there’s have always supported. This is one of the keys that have allowed this duet already has 15 years of musical career. This is due not only to the quality of voice of Joy and the musical talents of Jesse, but the complicity and harmony that you demonstrate in each of their presentations, or in the lyrics that both make up. The best example of this is seen in “Both“, a song composed for their respective partners.

This complicity has been proven that the success of this duo of brothers Mexican-americans thanks to a video in which Joy is shown upset to be confused with Joy. “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, I am Jesse, I am Joy, the good is equal, not, not, not, not, not” to say to the sister of Joy in the video. This funny confusion continues between those who approach the music of this pair of artists, the Joy, seems to sound more like a male name, and Jesse as a female.

If Jesse & Joy it is evident that this confusion only entertains, it also reveals the double of the guild that you join. Young, talented, and already as all parents, both artists have already secured their future in the music industry. Something that is very easy to confirm not only by his talent, but the nice complicity with the make up, interpret and laugh at themselves.