Girl power! Meghan Treatments and Michelle Obama join forces to give a virtual conference


Meghan Treatments.

Meghan Treatments.

It seems that Meghan Treatments is determined to be a source of inspiration for women and girls, because now the the duchess of Sussex to become one of the main speakers Girl Leadership Summita conference of female empowerment that will have the virtual, the next 13, 14 and 15 July.

Meghan he will share the stage with powerful women as Michelle ObamaHillary Clinton, the chief operating officer of Facebook Sheryl Sanberg and the award-winning Noble Nadia Murad.

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Girl Up it is an annual conference whose goal is to inform and inspire girls and young women to be a force of change for achieving gender equality and social change.

The inclusion of Meghan in this case responds to the work that both you and Harry have done to get more involved in social causes and, above all, as part of the contract, that the dukes signed on to be represented by the same agency that Obama or Clinton.

You can register without cost in the congress to see the conference participants through this championship.