Celebrities who deny the existence of coronavirus


Sunday, July 12, 2020 – 12:00

These renowned professionals of the art in support of conspiracy theories against the Pandemic

There are several conspiracy theories that surround the pandemic of the new coronavirus. A certain point, with a weak foundation, is a plan of the american billionaire Bill Gates for the control of the world’s population. Others say that the virus is linked to the fifth generation of mobile telephony ‘5G’.

According to the ‘New York Times’, the speculation against Gates is one of the biggest lies about the coronavirus monitored by Zignal Labs, a company media analysis. On the other hand, the International Commission on non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, an organization that has worked with the UNITED nations, which has denied in a study that there is a relationship between the technological networks and the development of diseases.

For its part, the World Health Organization (who) has declared that ” in this situation, it appears in the scene of the misinformation and rumors, together with the manipulation of the information with intentions dubious. This phenomenon is amplified by social networks, to spread farther and faster, like a virus”.

In spite of everything, these are just some of the celebrities that have caused outrage to deny the existence of the new coronavirus.

Woody Harrelson

On 6 April, the actor Woody Harrelson has published a video on his account of Instagram with the creation of a coronavirus. There is exposed the alleged relationship that exists between technology, 5G, and the covid-19. After having received hundreds of reviews, the actor has deleted the video days after.

“My friend Camilla sent me this today and although I have not read in detail, find it very interesting,” the actor said in the publication. The message contained excerpts from the work of Martin Pall, professor emeritus at the University of the State of Washington, whose demands are the basis of this conspiracy theory.

Later, Harrelson posted a video of the protests in Hong Kong, in 2019, with the comment ‘and, in the meantime, the chinese are throwing down their antennas,” in reference to technology 5G.

Miguel Bosé

The Spanish singer Miguel Bosé is one of the famous that, on several occasions, has shared the conspiracy theories on the new coronavirus via its Twitter account.

In addition to ensuring that the new coronavirus is the “great lie of governments”, he railed against vaccines that have been developed to try to stem the pandemic. Their requests are directed, mainly, against the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (Gavi, its acronym in English).

Bosé has also been pointed out that the billionaire Bill Gates, which he called “eugenics”, he had already spoken of the possibility that the vaccines do carry microchips or nanobots to get information on the population of the world “to check it”.

Launched against the successor of the 4G technology: “once you have enabled the network 5G, the key in this operation of the global domain, we the sheep his mercy,” he said on Twitter.

Carlos Villagrán

The actor, best known for playing “Quico” en “El Chavo del 8′, has said that the new coronavirus does not exist, and that it is a strategy for the control of the world’s population.

Exercised their topics in an interview for the mexican program ‘the sun rises’, in which he explained that the multi-billionaire Bill Gates was one of the creators of the virus, and that there is a lot of people behind him.”

‘It is a hoax, in the world, there is the covid-19. After the exercises have begun to put the antennas for the 5G. Want to make a network for 2030, and the control of what is called (sic) the population of the world’, said Villagrán.

Evangeline Lilly

The actress, known most recently for his role as the Wasp in the second installment of ‘Ant-Man’, said in march that the new coronavirus was a simple flu respiratory’.

Evangeline said in their profiles of social networks that I preferred the “freedom of life” and, therefore, had no intention to comply with quarantine recommended by the authorities of the united states.

“Some people value their lives for the freedom, others prefer the freedom of his life. We all make our choices. With love and respect,” said Lilly.

The actress has also said that the measures of confinement were an attempt to control the population and against the same.

Later, Lilly offered an apology for underestimating the pandemic of the new coronavirus, ensuring that he had changed his mind.

Wiz Khalifa

Last April 3, the american rapper Wiz Khalifa wrote on his Twitter account That Crown? What about 5G? You, or both?’.

Currently the bare-bones message has more than 40 thousand ‘likes’. However, the singer has made comments on it.

John CusackE

L on 7 April, actor John Cusack tweeted about the alleged dangers of the new technology 5G, which, some say, weaken the health of the people and make them more susceptible to covid-19.

“It will be demonstrated that the 5G is very very bad for the health of the people,’ he said.