Carmen Yulín Cruz and Zac Efron, San Juan in the new series of Netflix’s “Down to Earth”


The new documentary series, Netflix’s “Down to Earth”, the protagonist Zac Efronincludes an episode dedicated to Puerto Rico, focused on the impact of hurricane Maria in San Juan and projects to raise the capital.

One of the voices that predominate in the episode which premiered yesterday, Friday, is the mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto.

In the meeting, documented in September 2018, the city’s executive visited next to Efron, the community of Cantera in San Juan to expose the reality of san juan people and sanjuaneras after the hurricane Irma and Maria. To a year of hurricanes, aerial images, and showed how many families remained with the blue curtains and debris.

“Thanks to the production of “Down to Earth”, with Zac Efron and the opportunity to expose the reality of Puerto Rico after hurricane Irma and Maria. In the sixth episode, we were able to show the amount of shades of blue that existed in a cave for a year of Mary. And definitely show the importance of understanding the severity of climate change and to ensure that the funds are received directly to the municipalities. I was also able to use this platform to once again teach the world the crisis created by the inaction and discrimination of the Government of the president, Trump Puerto Rico,” said Cruz Soto.

“Down to Earth” is a new production from Netflix that see the travels and adventures of Ephron, together with the salubrista Darin Oilen in countries such as England, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, Italy, and Puerto Rico. The purpose of the series of documentaries is to present the new sustainable ways of living and telling of the devastating consequences of climate change.

During the recording of the documentary, Cruz Soto, and the actor has visited the marriage of Mary Cooked and Franklin Capacetti of the community of Quarry that has lost everything in the Hurricane Maria; also visited, in Cupey, José Lebrón, who, together with his wife and their two children, lived in a small structure in the rear of his house, which was completely destroyed by hurricane Maria.

The series documents the efforts to rebuild the homes of families in PVC and reinforced concrete, resistant to the hurricanes of 190 miles per hour and earthquakes of up to magnitude 7. In this edition of the documentary it is recognized that Carmen Yulín was the voice of puerto ricans against the injustices of president Donald Trump and the ineptitude and bureaucracy of the administration.