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MEXICO – in the Course of this quarantine, the actress Michelle Renaud I take the time to the maximum, not only to spend time as a family. But to continue to maintain its slender figure, which is well-known. To which he resorted to a strict eating habit, which was something that was criticized, because it consists in keeping for long periods of fasting, which is highly recommended by doctors for the problems that can cause.

However, it is not limited only to your diet, but also maintains a strict exercise routine, especially yoga. Activity that has a very happy and very active all the time. She recently shared with her fans, she concludes after a heavy yoga routine, and even if the finish is tired, she admits feeling good about your body and full of energy.

But not all yoga is concentration, and you know that very well Michelle Renaudthat has practiced, since during a time, and I know that at any time, a position that can go wrong. Which does not mean that he lost his concentration, or that it will be difficult to resume the task. They are simply moments, that there is to enjoy, and shared through their stories of instagram.

Without fear of success

And it is that, if the entire procedure, at the side of his trainer, Fernanda López, the young actress lost her balance and fell on his friend. At the time did not pass unnoticed and has caused laughter of the two women, who have had to stop activity for a moment. That makes it very clear that even in moments of extreme concentration, it is good to make mistakes and to laugh. What matters is to continue and never stop.

Recently Michelle Renaud, he shared with his followers, something that for her is a great result. Because of his role in the soap opera “we want everything”, he had to face his phobia of horses, which in the past productions, had already caused a crisis of nerves. This time, however, was motivated not only by their professionalism, but for the courage that he taught to his son, who she admires for not being afraid of anything.


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