20 the film that returned the coronavirus


The closing of the theatres was one of the first measures taken by the health authorities, and for Hollywood it’s a thrill to still not recovered. The film has been reprogrammed, and now have a new date: what has come to be satisfied? These are some of those movies that the audience is expecting.


Original release date: 17/7/20 New date: 12/8/20 Is the long-awaited return of Christopher Nolan and science fiction (but it is a sequel to “Inception”?). The theme: time travel, with a background of international espionage. With John David Washington, and Robert Pattinson.


Original release date: 27/3/20 New date: 21/8/20 oriental princess Disney also has their own version of live-action, embodied by Liu Fei, accompanied by two stars: Jet Li and Donnie Yen. We will see a Mulan power and warrior. Directs another woman: Niki Caro.

“The new mutants”

Date of original release: April 2020 New date: 28/8/20 The premiere of the spin-off of the X-Men, based on a compelling comic book, comes postergándose by 2018. The sale of Fox, Disney further complicated things. Act Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams.

“A place in the silence 2”

Release date: march 2020 New date: 4/9/20 one Of the best horror films of recent times, could not miss the sequel. Emily Blunt and her family continue to escape the aliens that everything they hear. John Krasinski repeats in the address.

“Jungle cruise”

Original release date: July 2020 New date: 30/7/21 aboard a small boat, for the course of a river, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt to cross a jungle full of dangers, both real and supernatural. Based on the successful play of one of the Disney parks.

“Wonder Woman 1984”

Original release date: June 2020, New date: 2/10/20 Lag In the return to the point -refurbished – costume Wonder Woman to face new villains: Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). And back to Steve Trevor who plays Chris Pine.

“The French expedition”

Original release date: July 2020 New date: 16/10/20 As usual, in the film he wrote and directed Wes Anderson, the cast is huge and dazzling. Anderson addresses in this case, his admiration for journalism, with a history of coral set in France in the post-war period.


Original release date: 12/6/20 New date: 16/10/20 Reboot of the saga noventosa, with Tony Todd, the skin of the monster that kills with his hand-hook and spits out swarms of assassins. Jordan Peele is one of the writers, but left the direction to Nia DaCosta.

The “black widow”

Original release date: 1/5/20 New date: 6/11/20 The character played by Scarlett Johansson, is dead in the “End game”, so here we are on a journey into the past, to know their origins. And with an addition: the relay is in the hands of Florence Pugh.

“There is no time to die”

Date of original release: April 2020 New date: 20/11/20

It is known that the film number 25, James Bond mark the farewell of the Daniel Craig character. Directed by Cary Fukunaga, is back lit, and the bad play of the Branches, “Freddy Mercury” Malek.


Original release date: 19/6/20 New date: 20/11/20 The new production of the Pixar peeps as an homage to american popular culture, the protagonist, a musician who has lost the passion for the art and soul of the child that helps to retrieve the path.

“Free type”

Original release date: 3/7/20 New date: 11/12/20 Ryan Renolds is a Boy, cashier of the bank, who discovers his true identity: he is a character in a video game that will soon be disconnected. Acts of Taika Waititi and directed by Shawn Levy.

The “eternal”

Original release date: 6/11/20 New date: 12/2/21 One of the most awaited film in the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The franchise is open to legendary characters and universal, with a cast headed by Angelina Jolie, and Richard Madden.

“Top gun: maverick”

Original release date: 24/6/20 New date: 23/12/20 Tom Cruise returns to the role that made him a super star. Now is the mentor of the son of his friend, Goose (played by miles Teller). But that does not prevent them from returning to the sky to fly combat aircraft.


Original release date: 10/7/20 New date: 5/3/21 This new installment of the franchise is subtitula the “Afterlife” and it works as a sequel of the productions of the ‘ 80s, with the return of the classic characters (Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray), and the emergence of new figures.


Original release date: 31/7/20 New date: 19/3/21 The spiderverse continues to expand with the arrival of this magnetic character of the comic, a scientist who becomes a vampire (Jared Leto) and is a challenge to Spider-Man (which doesn’t appear in the film).


Original release date: may 2020 New date: 2/4/21 is Not another thing that the ninth chapter of the saga “Fast and furious”, this time with Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) coping with the problems it causes his younger brother, Jakob (John Cena). It is already known that there will be “F10” and “F11”.


The original date of premiere: October 2020 New date: 16/4/21 Tom Hanks is the last man on Earth. Only your dog, so you put hands to the work and creates an android to accompany them. From there the story shoots toward the unthinkable. Directed By Miguel Sapochnik.

“Godzilla vs Kong”

Original release date: 20/11/20 New date: 21/5/21 The godzillaverse is one of his chapters the most anticipated. The crossover of monsters promises surprises. Become Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, and the villains of the mysterious society the Monarch.

“Minions 2”

Original release date: 3/7/20 New date: 2/7/21 “the rise of The Cranes”, he reveals how he became him the bad guy we’ve all met and what role did the servants in this process. The mother of the Crane (Julie Andrews) and dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), are the key.