Zac Efron premieres the documentary on Netflix; so he reacted in networks


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Zac Efron he left Hollywood for travel around the world and visit the most extraordinary places on the planet Earth. The actor in the u.s., known for playing Troy Bolton in High School Musical, presents its new documentary series With your feet on the ground in Netflixcontent that aims to create awareness about the impact of climate change and the importance of the use of methods and sustainable resource to help improve the lives.

This new documentary explores the a look of Zac Efron that his followers did not know: his passion for nature. With the actor, the public will be able to discover exotic places throughout the world, as well as its gastronomy and traditions. All trotamundos, Zac Efron shares his adventures and new sustainable ways of living in a healthy way.

Zac Efron: With your feet on the Ground it has eight chapters that capture the journey of the actor in all over the world: from Iceland, Great Britain and France up to some amazing areas In Latin America. Also, the actor will have with the company Darin Oliena health expert known for the creation of SuperLife.

Why can’t you stop seeing the documentary of Zac Efron?

Global warming is the big problem that currently faces the planet Earth, which is the reason why, before the climate crisis it is necessary to find the way of living, without damaging the Mother Nature and exploit natural resources.

In each episode, you’ll not only appreciate the natural landscape, but also to learn the traditions of sustainable other countries that do not have a negative impact on the planet. This all adds up to the attractive personality of Zac Efron that will give you a few laughs in between the chapters.

Memes welcome to Zac Efron

The documentary Zac Efron has had a good reception in social networks, where some internet users are fascinated to see that the actor gets the platform to Netflix, with content on the environment. Also, some of the fans have recalled their “love” for Efron with memes.