We review the announcement of Estrella Damm to go in the summer


The announcement of Estrella Damm, who always have given us one of lime and another of sand. From one side, were dying of want to the arrival of the summer, the climate, the beach, festivals and holidays with friends, but to be honest, few can afford to spend the summer in sailing boats and swimming in the coves with clear waters and deserted.

What we can do, however, is just what I wanted to convey Estrella Damm: that there is no better time of the summer to share a good beer. The brand Catalan has not yet revealed his announcement for 2020 (will be curious to see groups of people two feet away drinking beer with the masks), but in Epik we have compiled a list of ten ads that have been published, each summer, from 2009 to 2019. Do you all remember?

Formentera – Estrella Damm 2009

The original ‘Mediterráneamente’, the ad is shot in Formentera, that we all live with envy for over a decade and now we remember with nostalgia. Billie The Vision & The Dancers marked the rhythm the ad with the legendary song ‘Summercat’.


San Juan – Estrella Damm 2010

After a year, Estrella Damm, we are transported to the feasts of St. John, who we lost this year. This time we move in Menorca, with the song ‘Applejack’ of the Triangles.


The Bullies – Estrella Damm 2011

Ferran Adria stars in the third ad of Estrella Damm at the rate of ‘I Wish That I Could See you Soon’ Hernan Düne. In short, directed by Isabel Coixet, we were following the track of an apprentice of the kitchen which has been admitted to practice in the famous restaurant El Bulli.


Serra de Tramuntana – Estrella Damm 2012

In the same year the Sierra de Tramuntana was declared a world Heritage site by the Unesco and the beer brand eco in his iconic announcement of the summer. In 2012, we have seen the landscape and the life style of Mallorca listening to ‘you can’t say no forever Lacrosse.


Love Of Lesbian – Estrella Damm 2013

In 2013, Estrella Damm called their new ad with the same name of the Spanish band that has set its own pace. And it was well thought out. From that moment on, the Lesbian Love appeared in almost all of the posters for the summer festival.


Music is culture – Estrella Damm 2014

And Love of Lesbian Estrella Damm passed directly to the festival, the great companions of music lovers every summer. Among other musicians, in the ad, we see the famous branda in british Vaccines.


Vale – Estrella Damm, 2015

Probably, the ad (even if we should rather call short) with a greater impact of Estrella Damm. And is that the names that already had everything to succeed: it is directed by Alejandro Amenábar and starring Dakota Johnson and last eight at this level Gutiérrez.


The little things – Estrella Damm-2016

With the success of the previous year, the brand has returned to bet for the film format with names that had nothing to envy to the proclamation of 2015. ‘Little things’ was directed by Alberto Rodriguez and starring Jean Reno and the Coast, the Hague.


Our life – Estrella Damm 2017

We continue with the format of a short film and, in addition, with one of the stars of the moment. Peter Dinklaje, known for his role in ‘Game of Thrones’, is the star of this ad directed by Raúl Arévalo next to Alvaro Cervantes, Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson and Marcel Borràs.


Alex and Julia – Estrella Damm 2018

This time you are Michelle Jenner and Oriol Pla, the protagonist of a story in the summer and very musical, directed by Dani de la Torre. The announcement of the 2018, which was accompanied by the sweet voice of the actress was a success.


Act I. the Soul and the Act II. Lovers – Estrella Damm 2019

Last year, Estrella Damm, that returned to give a finishing touch to your ads, and went from short films to the two videos that were intended to increase the awareness about the protection of the environment.