Trump poses As a tweet about a stripper, and Twitter goes crazy


Donald Trump poses as a tweet

A Like on Twitter, Donald Trump will never go unnoticed. Image: Flickr

Twitter went crazy when Trump put him As a tweet. Everything seems to indicate that Donald Trump liked the new album of Summer Walker. The president of the united States to put aside his usual tweets provocative to show your appreciation for a tweet of a fan of the lead singer of the R&B.

In his usual activity in Twitter, Donald Trump gave it As a tweet, where a fan of Walker highlighted the unusual rhythmic change between the songs on the new EP of the singer.

The tweets that made Twitter

Trump poses as a tweet
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The tweet said: ‘the Summer Walker brings us our feelings in the “Let it Go”, only to bring the stripper back instantly “SWV”.”

Even if Trump removed his As after a short time, those few minutes were enough to as BLM, the author of the tweet is to ask: “WHY the hell DONALD TRUMP to PUT MY DAMN TWEET?”, according to the website Vulture.

That tweet already has over 11 thousand likes and over two thousand views.

It is normal that Donald Trump show appreciation for the social network and the tweets related to the world of entertainment. Recently did this for a tweet from the singer Rihanna in which he talked about achieving a balance between work and personal life and as well as another which referred to the final season of the series Uncertain.