The wife of Will Smith admits that yes she had a relationship with the rapper August Alsina


A few days ago August Alsina surprised everyone when he said he lived an intense love story with Jada Pinkett Smith. Now, the actress has admitted that yes, they had a relationship, but while she was separated from her husband, Will Smith.

In one episode, the surprise of your Network program, the Conversation at the Table, the famous sat down with the husband and informed that this it happened four years ago, when his marriage was going through a “difficult time” and that, also, she and Smith were separated.

I have finished with you” remembers the actor and said in the tone of a joke, to support your version. Even though he recognized that it was not Jada, it Will be asked: “so, what did you do Jada?”, questioned

Jada responded on how you evolved the relationship with the rapper: “from there, with the passage of time I had a different kind of entanglement with August”.

However, both denied that Smith was given permission to Alsina to enter into a relationship.

“One of the things that I want to clarify that it was like a whirlwind in the press was that it gave me permission, the only person who can give permission in that particular circumstance, I am“added Pinkett.

“But what August was really trying to communicate, because you could really see how it would be perceived as a consensus, why were we separated in a friendly way, I think that I also wanted to make clear that it is not a destroyer of homes, which is not so,” said Jada explivando that the statements of the rapper, perhaps, have been misunderstood, and, more, the rapper has wanted to clarify that it is not a “broken homes”why are you not together as a couple at that time.

The star added that she has decided to have a relationship with Alsina with your desire to feel good, but found that first I need to find happiness in herself.

The interview was friendly, and jokes, it is clear that this situation does not cause a conflict between them, as they have very clear what is the one for the other.

The couple has been married since December of 1997 and have Jaden, 22 years old, and daughter Willow, 19.

The statements Alsina

Some days ago August Alsina was caught revealing his relationship with Jada during an interview. According to the singer, his romance with the star not only lasted years, he also said that he had had the blessing of their own Will Smith.

He gave me his blessing and has given me completely of that relationship for years of my life and really, really, really loved her deeply, and that I have a lot of affection. I have dedicated myself to that,” said Alsina.