The US breaks the record (again), with more than 63,000 cases of the coronavirus; evaluate, extend, close to the border of Brazil | venezuela News, Health


Health officials have reported 6,891 contagions, and 665 deaths from COVID-19 during the entire day of Friday, at which it has arrived in the 289,174 cases, and 34,191 death, a death toll close to that of a person in Italy, is one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic.

In spite of the claims of the authorities of the country about the end of the pandemic, and the 6,891 cases of the day, it is the third one figure, the highest for a single journey. The two higher values have been recorded in the past on the 8th and 9th of July.

In addition, the court in this regard, the Mexico report, for 2,302 deaths, the suspects pending the outcome of to-day.

In addition to the data are committed, the authorities have confirmed cases of the expensive in the country, with the 328,703 on it so much that the number of deaths estimated is 36.054, both of these figures are higher than those recorded in the daily report.

The five institutions with the largest backlog of cases are: mexico City, Mexico (56,602) in the State of Mexico (41,529), Mexico (13,999), Mexico (13,752), and Mexico (13,293), said the authorities.