That’s really amazing! Xime Ponch surprised again


MEXICO – youtuber Xime Ponchstands out for his incredible talent for drawing. However, his talent is not limited only to a sheet of paper, but your face, it has been a busy canvas, to create beautiful make-up artistic. The trick more recently, he has shared through his IGTV, appreciated by both the fans, who in a short time reached more than 200 thousand “likes” and it is unparalleled, with a great talent.

In the publication, the girl did a makeup on half of his face in black and white, it managed to make the details with great precision. While on the other side of the face, use a makeup more colorful in shades of orange and yellow. Without a doubt, the ability to Xime Ponchgoes beyond make-up for events, and their followers don’t miss the opportunity to point out, what is the talent that is.

But one of their makeup, most commented and most liked is without a doubt the movie Up. Because not only has it perfectly, but put precision in every detail. Do a trick outstanding, which has reached more than 800 thousand “likes”. There is no doubt that Xime Ponch it is evolving by leaps and bounds, thanks to his incredible capacity for art, and for his young age, has already achieved many successes.

Most of Xime Ponch

Recently was a guest of luxury, in an event organized by Youtube, with the aim of collecting funds for a donation to the Red Cross, especially in these times of emergency, in which hospitals, clinics and medical services, were severely affected, and the scarcity of medical resources. The event counted with the presence of various celebrities such as Luisito Comunica, Miguel Layún, Xime PonchThe Rules, among others.

Then, if you well, is hardly to be found at the beginning of his career. It is expected that in a short time, his name begins to sound with greater strength, since they have the talent and the charisma to advance in the field of Youtube. And even if Xime Ponchalso made a video for TikTok, your skills are more visible in instagram, and on Youtube, where you can share your creations, and not only applies to the ability to move the lips.