Rosalia is the proof of COVID-19), and you can see TikTok


After the test of the COVID-19, Rosalia was criticized in social networks.

Rosalia is made the test of the COVID-19 two days ago, and forwarded through your account TikTok live and direct. However, many users criticized the manner in how you conducted the so-called PCR test the singer.

In the video, you can see a Spanish inside of your car, accompanied by a friend. Through the window, a person doing the test by adding the swab through the nose.

The artist, who we introduced you to the swab through a nostril to the conduct of the trial of the COVID-19, has finished to give negative as its partner.

“I’m so happy!! Negative, eh, eh, eh”!, says Rosalia.

But several users left in the comments that this is not the correct way to test the COVID-19 and criticized Rosalia for their video.

Would have done the test well, gently, and my I almost take the brain, says one of the comments.

For its part, an account of Twittter called ‘Nurse-Saturated’ has responded to the video of Rosalia, and the proof of the COVID-19 saying that the sample is very poorly done and that the protection of the person who applied was not correct.

But beyond the controversy test COVID-19 Rosalia, the famous one was the news networks a few weeks after Rosalia makes a bold proposal of Harry Styles.

And it is that, in the course of a living together with your followers on TwitterRosalie he offered to answer questions from their fans. Among the many questions that the singer Catalan received, there was one in particular that is stealing your attention.

A user has asked openly for Harry Styleswith which the singer he has worked in the music video for the track “I Adore You”what minutes after Rosalia he made a bold proposal and open invitation to the old Direction go for the painted nails together.


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