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MEXICO. The relationship between Lucero and Mijares has been one of the most popular in the middle of the shows, so it was fascinating to see how two successful artists have joined your life full of love and hopes for the future. In a video posted on his YouTube account, the Star has shared some details about how you fell in love with the father of their children.

The craze of Lucerito

When you become a teenager, has had the opportunity to record the movie Escape with mewhere he met the acclaimed singer. At that time, Lucerito was 18 years old, and the story of the film had many similarities with the reality, so much so that his character had the same name.

The first thing that they did for the film was to record a couple of duets between Lucero and Mijares. The singer admits that during those days “took the eye” for the first time. However, as Lucifer was very young and he brings eleven years old, is not sought to be something more. On the other hand, both have had a career full of commitments, which became even more difficult.

The actress said that the entire recording of the film is very funny, because Manuel was not really an actor. For this reason, the singer has lived new experiences that Lucero had already been able to experience of previous works, and the actress found it very exciting to be able to share these first experiences of the actor.

Years later, Mijares has been invited to perform a duet for the song Four times love. I was so happy to be able to record with him at the concert, after which the singer presented to the public, he said the famous phrase, “Up to when I did that, Tony”. After this funny situation, the singers have been able to spend more time together and shortly after announced the beginning of their courtship.

Even though the relationship failed to survive, the two are very mature and are able to make good friends after the wedding. Are engaged with their children in common and have never fought for issues of custody. Lucero, when he speaks of his friendship, he says that what he considers to be his “partner for life, because we have two wonderful children”.