Milla Jovovich can be seen in a new image of the ‘Monster Hunter’



Published 16/06/2020

The adaptation of the video game series by Capcom, which was released in the month of September for our screens

Only three months for his debut in the cinema (and without having even seen a trailer), today it is possible to see a new official image of Milla Jovovich the film adaptation of Monster Hunter.

This is the new project of the actress with the director (and her husband) Paul W. S. Anderson in a movie based on a video game by Capcom after the delivery of the Resident Evil when they worked together.

Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous monsters and powerful who govern it with a ferocity deadly. When the lieutenant Artemis and his loyal are transported from our world and the other world, must fight a desperate battle for survival against huge enemies with amazing powers and attacks to be unstoppable. There Atermis is to join a mysterious man who has found the way to survive.

Ron Perlman, T. I. Harris and Tony Jaa to complete the cast of the film.

Milla Jovovich in Monster Hunter


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