Listen here the preview of Karol G, Christian Nodal and Katy Perry


Luis Fabiano, Rozalén, Juan Palau, Charlie Puth, Jaycob Duque, Zoe and sharlene from, they have also made pitches.

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Today is Friday, free music, where artists such as Karol G, Christian Nodal, Katy Perry, Luis Fabiano, Rozalén, Moral, Distracted, Juan Palau, Charlie Puth, Jaycob Duque, Zoe, sharlene from Manuela and Maria they released their artistic proposals to start a good weekend.

Luis Fabian uk Felipe Peláez to make ‘The Friend of the world’s richest’, a song of hope and Faith.

Rozalén it offers the cumbia with ‘No, No’, in the united states, The Sonora Santanera in a theme full of life, color mixing, and satisfaction.

Karol G is back with his latest release, ‘Oh, my God!’a song that you want to continue with the success he’s had with ‘Tusa’.


Moral Distracted, Denise Rosenthal and Vasquez come with ‘Rich rich’, a song of this group, the chilean that wants to spread around the world very good energy.

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‘Monologue’ John Palau is a song with a warning message about the mental illnesses that are present today, and, sometimes, are not perceived.


Charlie Puth previews The ‘girl’a fun song with a video made in the house during the quarantine.

The “dependency”, is the new song of Jaycob Duque, one of the colombians, and the most authentic within the genre of trap.

Christian Nodal presents ‘Here’, the second preview of his new album ‘Ayayay’, with lyrics that speak of pain and tells a story where one suffers and cries when interpreting the loss of a loved one.


The mexican band Zoe previews ‘Fever’the second single from their album “Sounds of Karmática Resonance”, which calls for a mental revolution and spiritual of the human being.

Sharlene from Mike Bay, Lyanno and Kobi Cantillo join ‘Who said that the fear remix, a romantic theme that invites people to fall in love without fears, some of which have urban beats.


‘Karma’ is the new song of Manuela Maria, since childhood is passionate about the arts; while Fernando Gil it comes with a serenade “For the Love of Mexico’ in which shows affection through your voice.

The pop superstar Katy Perry has a new court with music titled ‘the Smile’ that will be part of his new album in the studio of the resulting ootros hits such as ‘Daisies’, ‘Never’ and ‘Harleys of Hawaii”.


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