Lana del Rey will publish his first book of poetry in the month of September


While the print edition of the book and physical copies of the disc will not come until the end of the summer, fans will be able to listen to the poems in audio from July 28 through the internet, said the artist this Thursday in their social networks.

“I have been writing poems during the course of the last few years, and are happy to share with you,” said the author of Video Games in a video recorded in Los Angeles.

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All profits from the sale will go to the Navajo Water Project, a charitable organization that benefits the indigenous communities of New Mexico, Utah and Arizona, she said that Lana del Rey, whose first name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

As previously announced, Purple Bent Back Over the Grass it will be a disc of “spoken word” (more recited than singing), and will take up the baton of Norman Rockwell Fuck (2019), their sixth album in seven years, that has managed a Grammy nomination and appeared on the list of the best works of the year.


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The dates for the release of the audiobook and the physical book tomorrow! Also, you should know – the Navajo Water Project 1 in 3 Navajos still do not have a sink or toilet. This means that 1/3 of Navajo families haul water in your home each day. They pay 67 x more for the water that radius vs the aqueduct. Access to water has become more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. In May, the infection rate in the Navajo Nation — about 2,500 per 100,000 residents — has exceeded that of New York. The Navajo Water Project brings clean, running hot and cold water for families throughout the New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.The installation of the water and the solar system lasts only 24 hours from beginning to end. The Navajo Water Project has a fundraising target of $1,035,000 for the year 2020, to bring running water and solar power for 230 families. and we intend to achieve this goal in the next 4 weeks to bring it up to their million dollar mark, and we will be traveling throughout the New Mexico, Arizona and Utah to say hello and make sure that it is done. The Navajo Water Project is Indigenous-led, and officially registered as an enterprise on the Navajo Nation. Their work creates significant, high-paying jobs, with many advantages such as 100% employer-paid health coverage.

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“Lana Del Rey is an artist that defined the era. She is a creator of myths and a visionary auteur who is able to express and create the environment for a cultural moment,” said Stuart Roberts, editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster.

Recently, the King is the protagonist of a controversy with a letter in which he warned against those who accuse her of “glamurizar abuse” and compared the reception that you have your letters with the other singers success.

“Doja Cat, Ariana Grande), Camila (Hair), Thistle, B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have had number 1 is the song of being sexy, barefoot, fuck, idiot…” he said in a message titled “demand for culture”.

“I can go back to singing about relationships that are not perfect, dance for money, or any thing that you want to without being crucified, or being told that I’m ‘glamurizando abuse’?”, questioned the author of that Born To Die that has rocked the music industry in 2012, and have been cited as a reference by Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, among other artists.

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