He is the Phoenix! The son of Yuridia that maybe you don’t know


United States.- Naya Riverais the american actress who was missing from Wednesday, the 8th of this month, the buzz of your accident the remains of a great reputation that has reached thanks to a tv program. “No, no,” as well as ere recognized by their fans, has starred in “Santana Lopez” on the hit “Glee,” a show that has captured millions of fans since their beginning in 2009, and with 6 seasons.

His paper consisted of a cheerleader with conflict, sex, in other words, it was not clear as to their sexual orientation. It seems that the fate of this celebrity offspring of afro-americans and germans, was to be a big star, so that when as a young man was part of the small screen. This woman, who is also recognized for its powerful voice, she has come to make a great cover that is fallen in love to spectators, among them there are:

1.- Back-to-Back

This song, originally by Amy Winehouse, was held in the episode “Funeral” sung by Santana. The intent of this young artist has been to get a single in the Nationals. Even so, it fails and loses against Rachel. In spite of this, at that time did not what he promised. It is worth noting that this staging was on the tables in the Pavilion Civic April Rhodes, the school’s auditorium.

2.- Candyman

This song was introduced in the episode “Pot O’ Gol” sung by the Troubletones. Its original version is Christina Aguilera, the single is part of her 2007 album “Back to Basic”. In the series “Glee”, performed by the Troubletones as ensaño with their new members, Brittany and Santanta. During this presentation, Shelby watched with pride, as Will and Finn are shocked, I understand that you will have problems.

3.- What Doesn t Kill You

This song was presented by the school group “The Trubletones” in the episode “On My Way”, for the “New Directions” Glee club of William McKinley High School. Despite the fact that the grouping had lost the Sectional, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany decides to return to New Directions, with the condition that you have had your stellar participation. So, this was his presentation in the company of the Cheerios and Sugar.