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MEXICO. For days Paty Cantú he released his last track, “The mexican”, a proposal of praise for the culture of our country, has made a pause in your work to publicize this material. This is because, as has been demonstrated on more than one occasion, also in the video of this last musical work, “she is not in favor of prejudice and diversity.” For this reason, he used his account of Instagram to understand that age is not a factor that should constrain our actions.

With this message, Paty Catú confirmation that at 36 her, not to let his age influence to make their decisions. Also, to see that we behave according to our age is something we only encasilla and nothing, but for apresarnos in a series of paradigms. Without a doubt, with this message Cantú stops to see that she is a woman who enjoys life without any kind of complex, because, for her, the tags are used only with the clothes.

The standardization of all

Paty Cantú clear with this latest release, the innovation and the new challenges are something that is part of your routine. Therefore, it is not surprising that using a verbatim citation, that the law a good thing, which would normalize, for example, love is love at forty years old, she let them see that in their life, age is not an obstacle for anything. The message may seem superficial, but in reality it is not dependent upon the time and the opinions of others to get what they want in life.

“Normalize to find the love in your 40s. Normalize to discover and pursue new dreams in your 30s. Normalize to find yourself and your purpose in 50 years. Life is not over at 25. Stop behaving as if it were so. And stop making others feel as well. Just remember: you’ll be there 25 forever,” reads the message that Cantú shared.

Paty Cantú know to all his fans with this devastating sentence that she is not only in favour of the struggle for the equal rights of the minorities, but also against any type of paradigm that restrict the act of the people. As well as the one on the left to see in his latest music video, it is evident that Paty Cantú aspires to a world in which any kind of behaviour or decision that you have to take a person to be happy, without causing harm to another, is seen as normal.