The United states topped the three-million-cases-of-covid-19, and to 130,000 deaths


New York state is the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 398.237 confirmed cases and deaths 32.243

The United states of america, the country most affected by the pandemic, the covid-19, overcame in the fourth week, with over three million confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the middle of a recovery, in a number of states such as California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

According to the count, regardless of the Johns Hopkins University, United States, and has been recorded up to now a total of 3.009.611 contagions, and 131.594 who had passed away.

New York state is the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 398.237 confirmed cases, and 32.243 the deaths of a number just lower than the United Kingdom, and Italy.

In New York city, to be followed by the neighbouring state of New Jersey, with 15.281 dead, boston, Massachusetts, with 8.213, and the Illinois 7.273.

Other states with a large number of the deaths are in Pennsylvania, with a 6.787, California, usa, with a 6.576, Michigan, with a 6.251, or the Connecticut, with a 4.338.

As for the infections, California is the second state, behind New York city 284.139, Texas, is the third in a 216.026, and Florida room with 213.794.

The balance sheet on account of the dead -131.594 – have already surpassed a large upper low in the initial estimates from the White House , which he designed himself, in the best of cases 100,000 of 240,000 deaths from the disease.

The us president, Donald Trump, took the estimates, and showed to be confident that the final figure would be over between 50,000 and 60,000 men are dead, but the last few calculations that would have even the 110,000 people dead, a number that has also been passed.

For its part, the Institute of Metrics and Evaluation in public Health (IHME) at the University of Washington, in which the predictive models of the evolution of the pandemic), fixed, many, many times, the White House estimated that if the United States didn’t want to go month-to-month in October, with around 175,000 people dead.


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