Shell, film of terror and iron, which Max Minghella is preparing for the HBO Max


Shell is the new title which is prepared to be added to the catalogue of HBO Max. Be a bet that stir in the horror genre, stretches and science ficcin under the direction of Max Minghella, which we know as ms for its appearance as an actor, he has starred in some tv series such as the acclaimed The story of a young man, although he made his first steps in the world of management, as the film Achieve your dream2018. In this ocasin, however, the card catalog of the HBO Max with this new film.

Shellwhen the terror and iron go hand in hand

As a forward Deadlineit seems that the film Shell be related to the field of health and beautyeven if the details of the plot are kept still secret. This will be the second film Max Minghella as a director, that produce under his signature on the Blank Tape. In addition, be accompanied by Fred Berger and Alicia Van Couvering of Automatik Entertainment, the producers, with Jamie Bell and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones as executive producers. Bell, Berger, and Kavanaugh-Jones are also the producers of Achieve your dreamwhich, in turn, has been interpreted by Elle Fanning.

With reference to the booklet of the film, signed by the Jack Stanleyhe has been working on the rewrite of the script of the film Louthat is provided as part of a partnership between Netflix and Bad Robot’s J. J. Abrams. In this sense, the genre of science ficcin or unknown to him: and he has also written the screenplay of the supernatural thriller Possession: A Love Storythat still is in the process of production, under the direction of the brasileo Fernando Coimbra.

A film that can on the magnifying glass in the field of beauty and health

In this way, only that we have to wait for that by HBO’s Max offer more details on the production. Remember that this streaming platform east already available in the united Stateswaiting to start their global expansion in the long-2021. It is the bet of WarnerMedia from the world of streaming, and it looks like a service that offers subscribers more than 10,000 hours of content. You can find all the details here.

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